In recent years Atalaya Golf Club has undertaken an ambitious investment program which has situated us in the forefront of golf courses on the Costa del Sol, and our commitment to the environment has led us to apply this and many other measures.

Andres Sanchez , club manager and promoter of this improvement plan noticed that large corporations such as McDonalds, airports (Hannover and Frankfurt –Hahn) where installing these toilets and quickly realized that they fitted in perfectly with Atalayas commitment. Club shareholders understood the benefits and approved the installation.

Before choosing a bran, consideration was given to the one which had been present the longest, guarantees offered, and the incorporation of the Eco– Siphon; an exclusive Urimat hydrostatic system that traps odors and carries urine to drain without of water.  

Given that among golfers, events and catering Atalaya Golf receives more than 90,000 visitors a year (of which 65 % are men and therefore new product users), the club hopes to save over the next year 160,000 liters of water. This savings will also result in monetary saving to Atalaya Golf, demonstrating that environmental sustainability is not incompatible with the efficient management of resources.

Atalaya Golf was also the first golf course in Spain to use the QR code and enter the semi -automatic defibrillators. The club managers plan of investment and modernization also includes improvements to its clubhouse, driving range, restaurant and offices, and will continue throughout this year with new initiatives to make the golf club more “green friendly” and adapt to new demands of golfers worldwide.