This year an amount close to € 600,000 will be invested divided into:

– Underground cables and medium voltage towers No. 16 and 15 of the New Course.

– New ladies locker in the clubhouse.

– Several outlets tees totally renovated: wider to withstand conditions in buenisimas occupancy peak seasons.

– Increase the distance from the Old Course tees of professionals with over 165 meters.

– 3,000 tons of sand on the Old Course to improve surface drainage.

– Electrical installation, public address, painting walls in the restaurant.

– Wall covering the area of ​​kiosk and caddy-master with natural stone.

– Improved caminitos golf on the Old Course and New Course.

– Reconstruction of way down the caddy-master to the kiosk (widening and installation of non-slip floor).

– Concrete stairway in various tees.

– Program for removal and disposal of weeds in both golf courses.

– Improvement of the irrigation system and installation of instruments for energy savings.

The course shows very good condition, which will improve during the coming weeks.


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