At Atalaya Golf & Country Club we are constantly working to improve our customer service and to achieve our goal we like to provide our staff with the best training programs.

Between the 28th of March and the 7th of April, there will be on-site training sessions about corporate customer service protocols, excellence on customer service, empathy and co-responsibility towards the customer, techniques and skills to enhance assertiveness in the workplace, emotional management, conflict management and self-motivation.

We will also have an online customer service program that will give our employees the opportunity to see other related topics in case they would like to expand their training and improve, on a higher level, their excellence in customer service.

At the same time, an online course will be given specially for our Caddy Masters. On this course they will learn about the proper way to request information, give information, make reservations via telephone and know how to manage complaints and claims from customers. All will be taught 100% in English.

From Atalaya Golf & Country Club we try to provide the best tools to our team so they are able to carry out, in the best possible way, their tasks. We hope these actions can help them achieve the excellence on customer service.