Atalaya Golf & Country Club regularly upgrades the equipment it uses for maintaining its two pristine golf courses. Providing its grounds and maintenance staff with easy to use and functional machinery to better carry out their daily tasks is the policy of choice that Atalaya’s management makes on a regular basis.

With the impending need to install many lineal metres of land drainage pipes this summer on both courses, management has recently purchased a state-of-the-art Shelton Chain Trencher.

This new piece of equipment creates minimum surface damage and is perfect to use to install underground services and drainage pipes on golf courses. This minimum surface damage is important, as trenches must be dug up to 200 millimetres in width and one metre in depth.

The new Chain Trencher has a PTO (power take-off) and fits perfectly on to the three-point linkage attached to the back of the Club’s tractor. The new piece of equipment allows for trench width adjustments from 120 millimetres (4.5 inches) to 200 millimetres (8 inches). Trench depth is adjustable up to one metre in depth via the “in cab electro-hydraulic controls”. These controls also turn the conveyor “on” and “off” and regulate the raising and lowering of the hydraulic crumber lift. The Chain Trencher’s digging boom can be moved independently from the crumber leg via the in-cab controls, allowing for clean and easy entry into the ground’s surface.

The Chain Trencher has a 3.0 metre-long conveyor belt that is hydraulically driven. Soil is discharged from the conveyor up to 2.0 metres in height, and the excavated soil is, then, dispersed in trails that run alongside the trench. The results are a clean surface and little damage to the turf.

You may have already seen the new Chain Trencher at work while playing your last round. If not, you will see it very soon and quickly appreciate the great job it does to help our staff as they diligently work each day to improve our courses.