Atalaya Golf and Agronimer, distributor of Yamaha golf vehicles, have recently formalised a collaboration contract through which the golf course will renovate its current fleet of cars, replacing them with 76 new buggies of the Yamaha Drive2 model. The board of Atalaya Golf has performed this change not only as an attraction to members and golfers, but also given that the durable design, easy maintenance and low cost of operation will considerably increase the profitability of the golf course.

The act of signing the agreement, on behalf of Atalaya Golf, was completed by Andrés Sánchez, Director of the club, Andrés Giesen, Deputy Director of the club, and Paul Wiget, Advisor to the Board of Directors of the club, whilst on behalf of Agronimer, the person responsable was from their golf división, David Fernández.

Text by Golfindustria.