Today we would like to congratulate Manolo Cuadro, our Head Green Keeper, who had his birthday yesterday.

Congratulations on his 65 years and congratulations on the beginning of a new stage.

After almost 40 years at Atalaya Golf & Country Club, he has taken the decision to retire and, as of today, we will no longer see him on the paths of our Club on a regular basis.

Yesterday he said that “whatever the company or my partner (Juan Moreno) needs, I will be happy to help. There are many years and there are many things that cannot be transferred in a few months. I wish Juan and the magnificent Atalaya team the best of luck”.

We want to thank him for everything he has given to the Club; all his knowledge, his predisposition, his teachings to all of us, all his time (what we have seen and what we have not seen), his mornings of irrigation on weekends, his nights of “thinking” about improvements that have been seen later at all our facilities… in short, a whole life at Atalaya Golf & Country Club.

And now, it’s time to enjoy this new stage.

Thank you very much Mr. Cuadro! Thank you very much Manolo!