Along with the good weather, there comes good news.

Today we are very happy to inform you about the birth of new ducklings on our golf course. It has been a few days since the ducks have been seen in the area, but now they have reappeared with their young ducks, taking a dip in the lake.

We are very proud to be able to offer the animals a space that will become their refuge, where they can enjoy water, food and tranquillity to live and increase the local fauna.

At Atalaya we don’t want to be just a golf course for players, but also a refuge for the animals and be able to contribute to the environment. We are very conscious about the care and preservation of both the local fauna and flora so that we can coexist in harmony.

This news shows us that all our efforts are having a positive impact on the environment.

We are happy to see that these animals are becoming part of our big family, which is growing day by day. We hope to continue seeing them around our courses.

Below we leave you two short videos so you can enjoy the images that our colleague Fernando Vega has taken to show us the baby ducks.