Energy efficiency and sustainability basic premises in Atalaya Golf

Atalaya Golf & Country Club in its constant search for quality and sustainability, received last May 2016, the Green Energy Certificate by the company UniEléctrica.

UniEléctrica is an electrical company, approved by the Ministry of Industry and recognized by the National Energy Commission, which supplies energy 100% renewable origin, contributing to sustainable development and maintenance of the environment.

Renewable energy, also called "green", produces very low environmental impact: geothermal, solar, wind and hydro. Besides being a source of primary energy, which does not end with the passage of time, the environmental impact is minimal, 31 times less than traditional energy, due to doesn't emit byproducts that harm.

The advantages of using renewable energy are different:

• The preservation of the environment. Currently because of global warming and the greenhouse effect, it becomes necessary to use renewable energy for the future of our planet and future generations.

• The contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility of the company, which will also contribute to the image that our customers has about our facilities.

Cost reduction but with the same quality as other traditional energy sources.

With the use of clean energy from renewable sources, and energy efficiency and sustainability always like objectives, Atalaya Golf contributes to reducing the environmental impact that the golf industry generates in the environment.