Atalaya Golf has recently implemented a fairly new system of greens treatment with Hydrogen Peroxide. We “wash” the green surfaces and subsoil using the solution to help clean and improve their structure. This work oxidizes the whole composition of the greens, reduces the organic matter, avoids graden, hollow coring, and eliminates spraying for root fungi, insects, or nematode control (removing any living organisms).

We decided to undertake this treatment before the planned deep solid tinning work at a depth of 22,86 cm (9”) as the cleaned and tinned structure will more readily absorb the application of elements we have been missing in the greens, e.g., humic acids, PGPRS, amino acids, etc. In combination, these elements will help the grass to improve root growth as we continue to improve the structure and composition of the soil. This peroxide and nutritional treatment will be carried out continuously on the greens to alleviate and improve the structure and composition of the soil and microbial flora.

During the course closures, we will solid tine the greens and ante-greens with double depth tines to decompress the subsoil. This together with the nutritional treatments mentioned above will promote stronger root growth than we have seen hitherto. We will also be reseeding the greens to increase grass density.

Explicitly, during the closure, we will be working hard on the 13th green (Old Course) with extensive grass planting and further subsoil improvements to start alleviating the longstanding problems we have had with this green. 

The Old Course will be again open on the 10th of September with greens in good conditions.