Awards Ceremony Von Limburger Open at Atalaya Golf

The Von Limburger Open tournament held on the 6th and 7th February at Atalaya Old Course in the modality of medal play.

It consisted of more than 90 players, a record for this event.

Sunday night February 7th, the tournament players and guests gathered at hotel Atalaya Park for the awards ceremony, which was presided over by a magnificent welcome buffet.

Verena Thost, daughter of Bernard von Limburger, a prestigious designer architect of Atalaya Old Course, delivered the Von Limburger trophy to Philip Fisher, a member of Atalaya Club that left the bar very high with a total result of 148 in the two rounds of the tournament.

As you know, Verena Thost is an expert golfer and a permanent member of Atalaya Golf.

Upon receiving the trophy, Philip mentioned the maintenance team for the excellent work done on the course, which was in impeccable condition – a truthful opinion that was shared by the other players in the championship.