CaddyTrek Demo Day at Atalaya Golf

Next Wednesday 18th November 2015, don't miss the CaddyTreck Demo Day at Atalaya Golf & Country Club, in Estepona, the robotic golf caddy that allows golfers to walk hands free.

The CaddyTrek comes with everything the golfer needs to start playing from the beginning. A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery allows golfers playtime of 27 holes or more on a single charge. The folding frame makes for easy storage and transport. Players can store the CaddyTrek easily in the trunk of their car for the drive out to the golf club.

The CaddyTrek gives players different options: Players can operate the unit in remote, follow, or like a manual push cart. In remote, golfers can send the unit on to the next tee up to a range of 100 feet and at a top speed of 4 mph. When the player attaches the handset to his waistline and initiates follow mode, the unit remains at a distance of 6 paces behind the player, adjusting to the pace of the player’s stride.

Come and try it! We hope to see everyone!

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